No More Cheese Nips?!

The recipes for tonight’s dinner have already been posted, so I asked Loman to post our first true entry. Here it is:

When B first told me her plans for eating for the year, I was apprehensive.  The first thing I thought was, “no more Cheese Nips!”  For anyone who knows me, that is my snack of choice.  I used to believe if there wasn’t a box of Cheese Nips in the house during a FSU game, we would be destined to lose.  There have been times when I have wanted to just stop by the store and pick up a box, but then I think about letting B down.  This eating plan isn’t a diet we are trying to attempt in order  to lose weight, it is a lifestyle change.  We are not changing to be trendy, but because we are committed to one another.  As a couple, we have committed our lives to each other “in sickness and in health,” and we want to make sure we are here for each other as long as possible.  Being healthy doesn’t mean you will live forever, but it does mean less worry for your significant other.  We want our entire lives to be an adventure, not a struggle due to sickness, or unhealthy habits.  I know I will miss the Cheese Nips, but being here for her as long as possible is way more important than any other thing, or snack in the world.



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