Oh, Lately It’s Been So Quiet

When trying to think about something clever to name this post, the only thing that came to mind were lyrics by OK, GO. For the first time in quite some time, I’ve been able to do almost nothing. Of course, doing nothing equates to me finding a wealth of things to do–things I meant to do in the last year and simply haven’t had the time to. I must say that its been quite nice to take a breather for a while and kind of “go with the flow,” but the structure and organization that has been my life for as long as I can remember is beginning to take over once more and honestly, I couldn’t be happier. While I can be spontaneous and free-spirited, I thoroughly enjoy knowing [and having written down] my plans. Needless to say, Loman makes fun of me a lot for this. In the time since my last post, so much has happened and while I am incredibly worried about the summer financially, I must say that these past couple of weeks have been really incredible!

Willow is HERE! We picked her up from the airport and donned her with a pink collar as fast as we could get her to Petsmart! 🙂 She’s a crazy little pup who’s beginning to open and show her true defiant husky nature. I’m so sad that I had to leave Loman, Willow, and Belle for a couple of weeks and I’m really worried that Willow won’t know who I am when I come back, but I’m her momma and there’s no changing that. She’s found a favorite hiding spot underneath the bed and thinks that she’s completely hidden from view when more time than not, her tail is poking out from underneath the bed. If having a puppy again has taught me anything, it’s that motherhood is a beast of a task!

Also, during all of this fun puppy time, I had a chance to visit Signal more, meet more of my future colleagues, and plan for the future! Next school year, I’ll be teaching 10th and 11th grade literature and the following year, I’ll also be teaching yearbook! As if this weren’t amazing, there’s a possibility for me to go to New Jersey this summer for IB Training! One of the summer reading options for students and the book on which I’ll be doing a seminar is called “Because I am Furniture.” Be on the lookout for a post about this book, it looks really interesting. And…in the midst of all this Signal hooplah, we got the FANTASTIC news that Loman will be teaching at Orchard Knob Middle School! While there are many things uncertain and lurking in the shadow of our minds, there is also so much to be grateful for and we are choosing to be thankful and enjoy the quiet! 🙂


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