Willow Brooke

About a month ago, our sweet baby Lillie Mae was taken from us. Loman and I have learned so much in that short span of time about life, ourselves, the world, and our beliefs. I never imagined the amount of hurt and despair that could come with losing a dog but as I’ve reflected over the past couple of weeks, I realize it was almost akin to losing a child. Now, I know that the loss of a pet pales in comparison to a mother and father losing a child they brought into the world, but the pain we felt was real and is still fully alive in our hearts. However, the greatest thing I have learned throughout all of this is that my life without a dog is a life devoid of a huge part of who I am. Because of this, Loman and I began to search for a new dog and found our perfect little baby! Her name is Willow Brooke and words cannot express my excitement for the fact that she will be here Friday! Lillie is truly irreplaceable but I know that her spirit will live on Willow, Loman, and myself! Semisonic said it best in their song “Closing Time:”

Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.


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