Angels Do Exist

Today, I had to go to court for a parking ticket. Scared out of my mind I sat amidst a group of people who were there for a variety of different reasons. I’ve never been in a courtroom of any kind before and found little to no guidance as to what was going on. I found todaycourt is not a very nice place, although I don’t really see how it could be. However, all of this is beside the point.

After almost two hours of waiting, one of the attorneys proceeded to engage in small talk with me which made me even more nervous. While we were talking, I told him what I was “in for” and he proceeded to jump the line and speak the solicitor on my behalf.  Once he had spoken to the solicitor, he then spoke to the clerk, and then went back to the solicitor. He returned to me with a grin on his face saying that he’d gotten my ticket reduced, and I was elated!

I could not believe that what I thought would be a three to four hour wait in the courtroom, had turned into a reduction in price for a ticket I was unable to pay. After this, the attorney, took me into a side room and gave me the money to pay my ticket! When I expressed my extreme gratitude and sense or unworthiness, he simply asked for a hug and told me to know that “Angels do exist.” 🙂


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